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We design better experiences

by putting people first.

Hi, we’re Cogworx.


We’re a service design consultancy, working with organisations who want to put people at the heart of their services & products.


Cogworx is owned and managed by 4 founding Directors and supported by a network of talented, experienced and lovely people who make up the Cogworx Associate Pool.


We started Cogworx in 2016, spinning out of a digital marketing agency that we’d all worked in together since 2005. Our focus became less about creating digital experiences to sell more ‘things’ to more people, and more about designing services that have a positive social impact.

Our Process

Listen & Understand

Every engagement starts by listening to you, stakeholders and your users. We gain the insights and background to understand the context in which we will be working.

Imagine & Focus

Together we’ll start to explore the art of the possible. Where is the biggest opportunity for service improvement? What will bring the most value to your customer experience and your organisation?

Test & Learn

Pairing design thinking with technology options, we mix & match until we find the best combination for user experience, scalability, sustainability and maintainability.

Release & Evolve

Finally, we bring the service alive for your staff and customers. We will learn from real world usage and help you develop a continuous improvement model.

Managing Director

Gareth Moore

Principal Consultant

Charlotte Wild

Service Design Lead

Douglas Maitland

Design Lead

Alex Jaques

Our Leadership Team

We’ve worked together for many years (probably more than we’d like to admit!) but that means we have a combined 60+ years of delivering time and time again for our clients. This knowledge and experience has built Cogworx to what it is today.

About _ Our Associate Model 1 (2).jpg

At Cogworx, we don’t have “contractors”, we have “associates”. It’s an important distinction because at Cogworx we want you to join our team, and to feel part of our team, while continuing to enjoy your independence.

Our Associate Model

Our Guiding Principles

Put people first

Ensure user needs are front & centre

Create responsible designs

Consider the impact on people, the planet and the public purse

Do the right thing

Make tough decisions and advocate for positive social impact

Be curious

Be a critical friend, ask questions and drive innovation


We are lucky and proud to work with some of the most successful organisations in the country. Working across public and private sectors, we’ve designed experiences for everything from being a juror to maintaining elevators.

People we work with

Say Hello.

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