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Product Strategy & Planning

Connected products and services that deliver value and a good experience don’t just happen. They need to be designed and planned. From vital public services to large-scale complex financial services, our approach to planning, designing and delivering services can be applied anywhere.

Transformation Consultancy

Not just talking the talk, but walking the walk. We support organisations who truly want to embed human-centred thinking into their service delivery. Our senior consultants help them transform from the top down and the bottom up to make this a reality.

Human-Centred Design

All good design starts with people. Think of the best experiences you’ve had. Human-centred Design will be at the heart of them. Whether we’re exploring a problem space, testing solutions or supporting a live service, our thinking centres around the human need.

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Digitising the jury summoning experience


Design for

We're a human-centred design consultancy creating digital services that deliver positive impact.


“Cogworx has played an integral part in the HMCTS ‘Reply to a jury summons’ service journey, having been with us from the very beginning and their knowledge and experience in delivering digital services has been invaluable. Working as part of the wider HMCTS project Team through every phase of the project from Discovery, GDS assessments and beyond they have become a trusted partner.”

Janet Healey

Principal Product Owner, HMCTS

Warehouse Worker with Walkie Talkie


Transforming a service that supports UK exporters


Say Hello.

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